COUNCIL staff found themselves having high level talks when they got stuck in the lift of a troubled tower block.
The drop-in session, organised by the Basildon Community Safety Partnership (CSP) at Brooke House in Basildon’s Town Square had been held for residents to raise concerns about anti-social behaviour at the flats.
But instead five council officers and a firefighter found themselves experiencing first hand the dodgy lifts that cause Brooke House residents’ so much grief when they got stuck on the 14th floor on Tuesday afternoon.
Firefighters from Basildon fire station were called out to help rescue the trapped council workers.
But the irony of their ordeal was not lost on residents who, for years, have put up with the notorious lifts at the Grade II listed flats.
The six people - which included one pregnant woman - were eventually freed after around 30-minutes when the lift moved itself to the 12th floor, where they got out and used the nearby stairwell.