WOMEN, recovering from breast cancer, will benefit from extra support, thanks to a series of workshops.

Organised by specialist nurses at Basildon Hospital, eight women have been invited to the weekly sessions that aim to give them help and support about life after the disease.

The sessions - which are called Moving Forward - cover things such as treatment, how diet and lifestyle can affect health and the recurrence of the disease.

The women can also benefit from advice from health professionals including an oncologist, a pharmacist, a dietician, a physiotherapist and a psychologist.

A trained volunteer from the charity Breast Cancer Care - which designed the sessions - is also on hands to offer support and advice.
The women are given the chance to share their experience of having the potentially killer disease and to talk about the emotional and psychological impacts it has had on their life.

Maria Metson, 53, who is attending the sessions while recovering from the disease, said: “After my diagnosis I was really holding my breath.
“I remember doing some gardening and thinking ‘if this doesn’t go well if could be the last time i’m fit enough to do this’.

“My consultant at Basildon Hospital, Mr Salih, was excellent and very supportive.

“After my surgery I was told that the cancer had not spread to my lymphatic system and that was the best news ever.

“When I was asked if wanted to join the workshops I thought if there was too much emphasis on emotional side it might not be for me, but I wanted a better understanding of the medical side.

“The information I was given was good and very detailed but I still had questions and the Moving Forward programme gave me the opportunity to get answers.”