PLANS for a controversial KFC restaurant and drive-through in Laindon have re-emerged.

Developers Laindon Holdings hope that restricting opening times from 10.30am until midnight, instead of 24 hours as previously suggested, will see Basildon Council grant planning permission.

They refused original proposals for the fast food restaurant on the former Laindon Hotel site, on High Road, following strong objections from residents.

Laindon historian Ken Porter, 68, believes that the time restrictions will do little to change opinion.

He said: “I wouldn’t be happy at all. There would be parking problems for a start and it really is to close to Laindon Community Centre. It’s just not the right place.

“If we could have anything there I would like to see an open park which is linked to the community centre. Even a new shopping centre would be a good idea as the one we already have is awful, but certainly not a KFC. We need something on that site which is really going to benefit the community.”

If given the go-ahead, the 331-square-metre fast food restaurant will provide 40 part-time and 15 full-time positions.

A total of 29 car parking spaces and eight bicycles spots will be included.
In their latest planning application Laindon Holdings revealed that they did consider other sites after their first application was refused, including empty units at Laindon Shopping Centre.

However they were considered unsuitable due re-fit costs, potential future demolition and the lack of drive-through opportunities.

John Dornan, Tory councillor for Laindon Park, said: “Many of the original problems still remain. The site is too small and there are concerns around the rubbish as is normal for these types of establishment.

“We are working hard to get the Laindon Centre regenerated and I would urge KFC to hold on until then. We welcome them but just not at this particular site.

“Personally I think a parade of shops would be more suitable there. I don’t think a fast food restaurant will really benefit the local community.”

Basildon Council are due to make a decision on the proposals by the end of December.