CONTROVERSIAL tower block Brooke House is on the up as the lift refurbishment will be completed two months ahead of schedule.

Works on the first of the troublesome lifts began at the start of October and were not expected to be completed by contractors Liftech until January, with works on the second lift ending in May.

However, Basildon Council has now accelerated the programme and work should finish in March, eight weeks earlier than expected. Due to the length of the works are being cut, installers will be working longer hours during the week, expected to be between 8am and 8pm, and between 8am and 5pm at the weekends, until the project is finished.

Residents have had to use one lift since works began, although that hasn’t been troublefree.

One resident said although she was pleased both lifts would be working sooner rather than later, saying the one being used at the moment was far too temperamental.

“It feels like the lift has been getting repairs for a lifetime and I am fed up of it. Of course I want them done sooner but if that means the people working on them will be here even longer I am not convinced it is a good thing. I don’t get a moments peace and am absolutely exhausted. It is hell.”

There have been a catalogue of problems with the lift refurbishment programme, with council officers refusing to visit the tower block in Basildon Town Square after they were verbally abused by tenants and residents and officers getting stuck in the lift in the past two weeks.

A security service has been introduced by the council to help residents get up and down the stairs until work on the lifts is completed.

A spokesperson for Basildon Council said: “We will still ensure noisy works are not undertaken at certain hours and the tenants at Brooke House will be informed. Hopefully with this and the additional security/concierge measures already in place we will be able to complete the works here in good time, with minimal disruption and shave 2 months of the programme.”