A FORMER Basildon Hospital paediatric nurse who allegedly accessed Facebook when she should have been dealing with a critically ill child could be struck off.

Titilola Orefuwa, a former head nurse in the hospital’s children’s unit, is accused of a string of professional failings and blunders over a four year period by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Orefuwa, who could be removed from the nursing register if found guilty, is accused of accessing Facebook in January 2010 while there was a child of "high dependancy" on the ward.

She is also accused of leaving an operating theatre while a sensitive operation on the spine called a lumbar puncture was carried out and failing to catch the resulting drip specimen in May 2007.

In the same year she is accussed of leaving a sedated child without medical supervision as he was transferred for an MRI scan, in breach of medical guidance.

It is also alleged that in June 2008, Orefuwa refused the request of senior nursing staff to transfer to another ward by swearing at them and saying she would go home rather than work on the other ward.

A hospital spokeswoman said: "It would be inappropriate for us to comment ahead of the NMC hearing, although we can confirm this individual no longer works at Basildon Hospital."

The seven-day fitness to practice hearing which begins next Monday in central London, will also hear other allegations against her including that she gave medication to a patient which had not been prescribed and told the child's parents to give them insulin through a syringe when they were not trained to do so.

The hearing will also hear claims that while suspended from giving out medication in April 2010, she gave intravenus medication to one child and insulin to another and then recorded details incorrectly.

Other allegations include:
*On or around January 21, 2007 recorded wrong penicillin dosage frequencies for a patient.
*Between June 15 and 16, 2008 failed to set up feeding tubes properly and respond to an alarm during the girl's care or give adequate details of her care when handing over to colleagues.
*On March 3, 2010 failed to give medication to a patient, adequately check their temperature, keep adequate records and put the patient on restricted fluids after being instructed by a doctor.

If found guilty sanctions could include suspension from the register, a formal warning, more training and a complete strike off.