RESIDENTS woke up to a drier morning after flooding across parts of Southend and Canvey last night.

Yesterday, the Met Office released an amber weather warning for severe rain until 9am today.

However overnight the weather eased and fire crews reported no flood related incidents.

Basildon Standard:

Thorpe Hall avenue, Thorpe Bay

Roads around Chalkwell Beach in Southend, and the area around Beveland Road on Canvey did flood.

And Western Esplanade was closed by emergency services last night.

On the Echo Facebook page, Gary Davis said: "Already been soaked through in Southend. Roads are becoming swimming pools yet again. Have they not fixed the pumps that were broken last time? One day this country may get things like this right first time"





A 'Flood Alert' has recently been issued by the @EnvAgencySE for River Roach, Prittle Brook and Eastwood Brook at Southend.

— Essex Weather Centre (@EssexWeather) October 11, 2013

Ness Road leading to slip way at Shoebury Common was also flooded.

Reader Marian Livermore said : "4 p.m. -  Having heavy rainfall, just driven home.  Bottom Maplin Way, Shoebury Common Road, Ness Road/Junction Barge Pier Road, Campfield Road all badly flooded and water coming up from the drains because the tide is in.  Nothing to do with flood defences, the drains need sorting!!!"

On the Echo Facebook page Dave Johnson said: "Flooding here in Leigh Beck on Canvey."

Five inches of water have been seen bubbling over storm drains on Maurice Road, Canvey, as they struggled to cope with the downpour. Water has also entered peoples homes on the street.

Rose Kitts, of Maurice Road, Canvey, said: "My home has only just dried out from the flooding in August. I have lived here for 10 years and nothing has ever happened. Now my home is flooded for the second time in six weeks."

Meanwhile raw sewage has been seen bubbling out of centre manholes in Campfield Road, Southend.

Rochford Road near Southend Airport is also flooded, according to residents.

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