A BODYBUILDER’S dream of competing at the world championships has been dashed after she failed a drugs test.

Lorna MacDonald, 29, from Leigh, was set to fly out to Miami next month to compete in the worlds after finishing second in the British finals.

But she now faces a seven-year ban from bodybuilding after a urine sample tested positive for drugs.

Lorna denies any wrongdoing.

She said: “I’m devastated. I’ve been working hard for two years solid and I believe you shouldn’t have to take anything extra if your food and training are right.

“I’m so stringent on putting things in my body that if I have a headache, I don’t even take a tablet.

“With food I make everything from scratch – nothing goes into my body that isn’t natural.

“If I’d done something wrong then fair enough, but I wouldn’t take part in a national finals knowing I’d taken something and embarrass myself”

Lorna had two urine samples taken from her at the competition in Manchester on September 15.

She said: “I passed a polygraph test at 10.30pm the night before the show.

“As soon as I stepped off stage the next day, we were asked to give a sample – which I happily did – and now they’re saying it has failed.

“There’s nothing you can take in 24 hours that will make your body better.”

The governing body has given Lorna the option of paying $150 to test her second sample, and a further $450 to find out which substance was found.

She added: “It’s soul destroying. I’ve been so upset. I want to give up, but I’ve got to keep battling through and fight to prove my innocence.

“I want to spread the word this isn’t right, and they can’t get away with it.

The British Bodybuilding Federation was unavailable to comment.