A MAN has been ordered to remove buildings which were put up illegally.

Basildon Council has issued Terence Selway with an enforcement notice to remove a mobile home and hay storage unit on green belt land off Coxes Farm Road, Billericay.

The land can be used for agriculture, but council officials believe it is also being used for residential and business purposes.

Inspections showed the storage unit was being used to store hay, as well as hay production and horse grooming equipment and household goods. Eight horses, which compete in carriage races, and two donkeys are kept on the site.

A static caravan, decking, sheds, touring caravans, horse boxes and trailers are also kept there.

It is thought they have been there since 2008, and the storage unit was put up two years ago.

Enforcement notices were issued in September 2012, but Mr Selway put in a retrospective planning application.

This was turned down by Basildon Council because planning officers found no special circumstances to allow the development on green belt land.

Mr Selway, who has twice been British carriage racing champion and has represented Britain in two world championships, appealed to the planning inspectorate, which has sided with the council.

Nigel Burrows, planning inspector, said: “The appellant’s submissions have not sought to advance any specific arguments in favour of the building that might clearly outweigh the harm caused to the green belt by reason of the inappropriateness of the development and loss of openness.

“I have taken into account all the other matters put forward on the appellant’s behalf, including the concern to provide a high level of care for the horses kept on the holding.”

A Basildon Council spokesman added: “The hay store was erected at the Coxes Farm Road site in 2012 and the mobile home seems to have been there since 2008.

“The hay store will need to be removed on, or before, November 16 this year, and the mobile home on, or before, February 16 next year.”