CAR fanatics will make their to Germany and back in an old banger, for a charity rally.

A team from St Luke’s Hospice, in Nethermayne, Basildon, will take part in the event in a 21-year-old Vauxhall Carlton, donated by Toomey Motor Village, in Basildon.

The Gumball Rally will see 16 lowvalue cars speed off from Orsett Hall and make their way through Antwerp, in Belguim, and the German city of Cologne, before coming all the way back again.

The event, which was designed by car insurance workers, is now in its second year.

All money raised will be split between local charities, including St Luke’s Hospice.

Paul Johnson, one of the organisers, said: “St Luke’s Hospice played an important part in supporting myself and my family through my late father’s illness and beyond. Cancer is something that touches so many people and the effects are devastating, but St Luke’s is there providing support, care and advice, and that help is invaluable.

“We are glad to give something back in return for that support, and this year’s event is on target to raise £80,000, with one third going to St Luke’s.”

The rally will start on Friday, June 27.

Tony Bloomfield, from St Luke’s Hospice, said “We are very grateful to Toomey’s for providing us with this wonderful car and supporting us in the amazing fundraising event.”