THESE shocking images show amother and toddler perilously close to a busy railway line at Pitsea.

The images were released by British Transport Police as part of campaign to curb the number of people trespassing on the railway.

BTP officers are set to carry out increased patrols to try to ward off trespassers who think the track is a place to hang out or to commit vandalism.

Between April and June, 2,400 incidents of people trespassing on the railway were reported to police.

Insp Mark Hook, who covers Essex for the BTP, said: “It’s an issue in south Essex at this time of year, where children go on the lines for amusement or other means. Every school in south Essex has received a letter from me explaining that we will be out there.

“This operation is not about criminalising young people, but about raising awareness.”

More than half cases British Transport Police were called to in the first three months of the year involved people aged 25 or younger.