A MAN came to the aid of a young woman after he spotted her collapsed at the side of a busy road.

Grant Kivlehan, 27, was driving home to Wickford from his friend’s house in Basildon when he spotted the young woman in bushes off Broadmayne.

He doubled back, parked up and scaled 6ft railings to get to the woman.

He and another passer-by called an ambulance and stayed with the victim – who was in her thirties – until paramedics arrived.

She is now recovering at home.

Mr Kivlehan, a single dad of twins, said: “When I found her it was really scary because her face and lips were blue. To be honest I thought she was dead.

“I had popped round to see my pals in Church Road and was on my way home.

“As I pulled on to the roundabout on Broadmayne something just caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.

“It was something that just did not look right so I pulled in to Fremnells, looped round and drove back. I pulled over and through a set of railings I saw what looked like a lady’s body in the bushes. There was a man hanging around near-by and something was not right.

“The fence was pretty high, so I pulled my car up next to it, climbed on to the bonnet and then over the fence.

“Her eye-lids were partially open, but you could just see the white bits in her eyes.”

At that point another woman walked past and Mr Kivlehan called to her to telephone for an ambulance.

The pair stayed with the victim until the emergency services arrived.

Mr Kivlehan added: “The man hanging around said something about the woman having taken an overdose.

“I left when the emergency services arrived “It was lucky really because I am a single dad and if I had my daughters with me I may not have stopped.”

A spokesman from the East of England Ambulance Service said: “We sent an ambulance and rapid response car to the scene at 6.28pm on Sunday.

“A female in her 30s was assessed after suddenly being taken suddenly ill. However she didn’t want hospital treatment.”