BRAVE traders ran to the aid of a dad after he was dragged in to an alleyway and robbed.

The victim was walking in Market Pavement, Basildon town centre, when two men asked him to “accompany” them to an alley next to the Kayzar Rhythm and Dance Studio.

The man, 38, from Basildon, was pushed against a shop window and knocked to the ground.

One of the attackers then grabbed his legs while the other took his arms and he was carried in to the alley screaming.

The robbers went through hispockets and swiped his keys, mobile phone and cigarette lighter.

A security guard from Iceland supermarket and traders from three other businesses heard his screams and went to help. They intervened and the robbers fled.

One of the attackers threw the victim’s £20 Nokia mobile phone back him as he lay on the ground.

Police investigating the robbery are appealing for help.

The first robber was black, slim, and was wearing black clothes, aged in his 40s and carrying a black umbrella.

The second robber was white, aged in his 40s, slim and wearing a white jacket and jeans.

He had stitches to his ear and face as if he had recently been to hospital.

Anyone with information about the robbery on Sunday afternoon at 3.20pm is asked to call Basildon CID on 101.