TWO dog owners left a pensioner bleeding in the street after their dog attacked her.

Doreen Cooper, 75, was left bloodied after the dog pounced on her and mauled her arm as she returned home from an evening at her social club.

The owners of the chocolatecoloured Labrador-type dog pulled the animal away, then fled the scene without checking to see if Mrs Cooper needed help.

She spent around six hours in Basildon Hospital having her arm stitched and needs a number of follow-up appointments.

Mrs Cooper, of Larkswood Walk, Wickford, said: “I had been dropped off at the top of the walk where I live when all of a sudden this dog came charging around the corner on a lead pulling its owner with it.

“As they went past, the dog just suddenly went for my arm.

“It bit into my arm and then let go and then dragged its owner down the street. He did not say anything.

“The the owner’s wife came around the corner and I said, ‘your dog has just bitten me’, but the man walking the dog was shouting to her, ‘come on, come on’.

“She looked flustered and said to me, ‘I’ll sort it, I’ll sort it’.

“But they both just walked off. I was quite close to home and managed to get to the front door before my husband drove me to hospital.”

Mrs Cooper did not recognise the dog or the couple and has not seen them since.

The attack happened at about 10.30pm on July 30. Mrs Cooper has been left feeling nervous following the incident.

She said: “My worry is that the height of my arm would have been the same height as a child’s head.

“If the dog had mauled a child’s face it could have left them scarred for life or even worse.

“These people obviously cannot control this animal. I have never been bitten by a dog before.

“I have now lost confidence around any dog I don’t know and will cross the road when I am out if one comes towards me.”

Anyone with information about the incident should contact Essex Police on 101.