A CHARITY praised by Basildon Council for the work it does with the homeless could lose its base because of the £1billion town centre masterplan.

Basildon Community Re-source Centre, based in the unusual triangle building in The Gore, Basildon, is in an area designated for housing under the regeneration project.

Only last week council leader Tony Ball praised the centre after it was able to find homes for 128 people, far exceeding its annual target of 28.

Despite its success, there have been no reassurances from the council over the centre’s future.

Maggie Viney, who has managed the centre for 15 years, said: “The subject came up when we met with Mr Ball and he was rather non-committal. What he did say is if the building goes then we would be offered somewhere else, so that is some reassurance, but I think that is the statutory duty.

“What we can’t do is keep worrying about what the local authority may or may not do under the masterplan. At the moment it is business as usual finding homes for homeless people.”

More than 14,000 people sought help from the charity on job applications, housing and welfare rights.

When the masterplan first surfaced in 2007 the centre tried to get protection for the unusual building by getting it listed, but English Heritage turned down the application.

Mr Ball said the future of the building was undecided and the masterplan proposals had yet to be decided and more detailed plans will come forward.

He said any businesses or organisations whose premises are affected will be offered alternative bases within the masterplan development area.