A BABY narrowly escaped serious injury when part of a ceiling collapsed just a few feet from her cot.

Eight-month-old Willow-Rae was asleep when the ceiling fell down at the house in Princes Close, Laindon.

The baby’s mum Emma Cuttriss, 31, said her daughter woke up screaming, after the crash of plaster in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Miss Cuttriss said the incident happened just hours after a workman had been called in to repair a leak in her bedroom where the cot was placed.

She claimed her whole house needed endless repairs and that London and Quadrant Housing Association was not doing enough to help.

Miss Cuttriss said: “It seems like the house is falling apart.

“I’ve never lived anywhere in such a state before and I don’t intend to now, it’s dangerous.

“If that ceiling had hit Willow, I would have gone mental. I feel like I’m bashing my head against the wall though.

“They don’t do anything. I have given up now, because they don’t come out.

“If they do, they don’t fix things properly.”

Miss Cuttriss has been living in the house, with her partner Stuart Parker and two other children Maddison, ten, and Jack Watson, eight, for just over a year.

She reported the leak and an engineer was sent round to fix it on Monday night.

However, by Tuesday morning the ceiling had caved in.

Miss Cuttriss added: “It really upsets me.

“I’ve been put on anti-depressants during the school holidays, as I just feel miserable.

“I want my kids to have a nice home and I want a nice home too, but I can’t have that at the moment.”

A London and Quadrant Housing Association spokesman said: “We take property maintenance extremely seriously.

“In this case we made urgent temporary repairs to stop the leak and have now confirmed an appointment to complete the remaining repairs.

“We’ll be contacting Miss Cuttriss to discuss any outstanding concerns she may have.”