THE father of twins is facing a battle to get them into a special needs school.

Michael Mills, from Langdon Hills, says he has been trying to get his sons, Josh and Ben, aged seven, into special education since the start of the year, but due to the high demand for places, he has been unable to get them into a special needs school.

The boys have speaking difficulties and even need help getting dressed. Josh attends regular physiotherapy sessions due to a lack of muscle development and suffers from nystagmus, which is an eye condition.

The boys have a statement of special needs, which states the nature of their learning disability, which was obtained 18 months ago.

Mr Mills, 56, of Albyns, said: “I have been trying for a long time to get the children into a school that is better suited for them, but it feels like I haven’t been given any help at all by Essex County Council.

“There must be a special needs school in south Essex that isn’t oversubscribed.

Mr Mills says the boys struggle to keep up at mainstream Lincewood Primary and since starting Year 3 last week, they have not been able to manage the workload.

He has applied for places at special schools in Basildon , Benfleet and Brentwood, but has had no success.

He said: “As soon as I got the statement, I was looking to put them into a special needs school as they need a different type of teaching.

“Lincewood has been brilliant, but the boys just cannot cope.

“Ben wakes up a real mess every morning and doesn’t want to leave the house. I just want them to be happy.”

An Essex County Council spokesman said: “Essex County Council does not comment on individual cases.

“However, where it is accepted a child will benefit from placement in a special school, and the local school is oversubscribed, then the council will endeavour to find a place in an alternative school which will be acceptable.

“We are able to confirm there have been no cuts to funding nor the number of special school placements available.

“We do not operate a waiting list for special school placements and have received no other complaints in relation to special school places in this area.”