Billericay Round Table are hard at work organising their 43rd annual firework display after last years event saw families travel more than 100 miles.

After they introduced online ticket sales for the display at Lake Meadows Park, Billericay, orders flew in from across the country.

Gary Tilley, spokesperson for the club, said: "Last year it was a great surprise to have tickets purchased from nine different counties, with some as far away as Southampton and Norwich, and for a local charity event this is great to see."

The members of Billericay Round Table work hard to make their firework event the biggest and most popular one of its kind in Essex.

As well as a large bonfire, this years event will feature £20,000 worth of fireworks.

Last year more than 17,000 spectators turned up and the organisers hope to top the impressive figure.

Gates for the event on Saturday, November 3, open at 5.30pm.

The members of Billericay Round Table have revealed that there will be a special surprise display at 6.15pm, and have urged visitors to arrive early.

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