A MEGA moggy who ballooned after gorging on tuna, cheese and wotsits has been named runner-up in a national pet slimming competition.

Mini Moo lost an impressive 16 percent of her bodyweight in just six months going from more than 21 pounds to 18 pounds.

The former morbidly obese cat was enrolled in the PDSA Pet Fit Club in March after owner Sharon Dowman, from Vange, became concerned for her health.

Mini Moo’s problems began when Mrs Dowman became seriously ill three years ago and needed lots of rest.

The fat cat was more than happy to lounge around on the sofa all day keeping her beloved owner company rather than play outside.

Mrs Dowman said: “I’m really pleased with her progress. She’s definitely more active and wants to go out in the garden more. She swishes her tail to go out and runs up and down the stairs more now.

“I’ve noticed a big change in Moo – her face looks thinner, and her hips go in. She stalks the other cats now! She seems like a kitten all over again.”