A NURSE who put a patient at risk by “inappropriately” injecting adrenaline into their vein then failing to report it will have a public record of the blunder.

Foluke Adekoya, 59, formerly from Brendon in Laindon, attended the patient’s home while working as a community nurse for South West Essex Primary Care Trust.

The man was being treated for cellulitis with beater blocker and antibiotics.

A Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing heard she incorrectly injected adrenaline into the man’s vein rather than a muscle without telling him what it was.

It heard this was as a precautionary measure after learning the man had previously suffered an allergic reaction to antibiotics.

However, it should only have been given in the event a patient did suffer an allergy after being given antibiotics.

The patient experienced pain and a racing heart and was put at risk by her actions, according to the council.

The nurse, who now does research for the National Centre for Social Research, advised the man to go to hospital, but he and his wife refused so she gave him further antibiotics.

A report after the hearing said: “Ms Adekoya also failed to explain to Patient A that the drug she was administering was adrenaline and she failed to adequately advise the Patient as to whether he should attend hospital after becoming unwell because of the adrenaline. Furthermore, Ms Adekoya failed to report the incident to a senior member of staff.”

Mrs Adekoya, who had a 30-year unblemished career before the “isolated incident” in May 2007, was found guilty of three professional misconduct charges last March.

The nurse, now from Thomas Bata Avenue, East Tilbury, was placed under an interim order meaning she had to complete a number of conditions, including being banned from carrying out any intravenous medication until completing a training course.

This is due to expire on October 26.

At a review hearing ahead of this it was decided the conditions will be lifted after she complied with them, but an official caution will now be placed on her nursing record for three years for prospective employers.

A report following the latest hearing said: “The panel considered the risk of Ms Adekoya being involved in future incident as being less than when the previous panel imposed conditions.”