PARENTS are concerned their children are at risk due to a lack of parking near a Basildon primary school.

Parents say they find it a "nightmare" dropping off and picking up their children from Janet Duke Primary School on Markhams Chase.

Martin Saunders, from Tyler Avenue, says parents park their cars on the curbs all the way down the road since Markhams Chase Sports Centre across the road shut, making way for further housing.

Mr Saunders, 46, said: “It is extremely difficult for parents at times. For parents who work long hours and have limited time to take their children there is no other way but to drop your children off. A lot of parents are having to get to the school extremely early to get their children at the end of the school day and that simply isn’t fair.”

Donna Blythe, 39, from Gower Chase in Laindon said she had been hit by a car outside the school due to a lack of parking space.

“A couple of months ago a woman reversed into me in her haste to back into a space. I have been sent to the hospital for physio treatment ever since. It really is an accident waiting to happen and I strongly believe this could happen again. I am just thankful it was me and not a child.”

Fiona Adeniji said: “Parking is an issue and parents are having to park by the road which isn’t ideal. We need a lollipop person to patrol the road but haven’t been able to secure one at this time. We would encourage all interested parties to volunteer for a couple of hours in the morning or afternoon to help the school and the children.”