Basildon Golf Course should remain open despite the firm running it for Basildon Council no longer trading.

Warehouse Sports (UK) Ltd, which took over running the course last June, was struck off the register of companies on September 18 after failing to file its annual accounts for more than seven months.

Staff from the former firm continued to run the course despite it no longer trading with the council only finding out about the strike off on Friday.

The revelation follows a long-running scandal concerning the previous operator Jack Barker Ltd.

It was forced to surrender a 99-year lease on the course and was later struck off the register due to tens of thousands of pounds of debts to the council and HMRC.

A council spokesman said: “A new company is being established and we are satisfied that the transfer of the contract will be seamless. There will be no additional cost incurred by the council and there will be no effect on the service received by the golf club and its members and other users of the golf course."