A PHARMACIST has said plans to change the way drug addicts collect their medication could cause even more anti-social behaviour.

Armrik Wilkhu said the proposals mooted by the Basildon Community Safety Partnership (CSP) might lead to users gathering at the same time and could even “discriminate” against those who are trying to hold down employment while kicking their habit.

Earlier lastweek the Echo told how the CSP - which is made up of Basildon Council, police and other organisations - had asked staff at the Timberlog Pharmacy at Stacey’s Corner to “review” the times they dish out methadone to heroin addicts.

The move came as the authorities try to clamp down on drug-related crime outside the parade of shops. A bench used by dealers has already been removed.

But Mr Wilkhu claims the move could cause more problems than it solves by causing larger groups of users to congregate.