DRUG addicts left 80 syringes lying on the floor of a tower block car park causing fears it has become a magnet for users.

Now some frightened residents living at Brooke House in Basildon’s Town Square are even more desperate to leave the flats after the shocking revelation.

Last week the Echo told residents told of the Grade II listed-building the flats had become a dump with drug users littering the stairwells and hallways and people even leaving human waste in public areas.

Basildon Council has recently been hosting drop-in coffee mornings for residents of the tower block to address concerns over the lift repairs currently taking place.

But, at one of the sessions, residents raised concerns the flats’ car park - which is behind metal gates by the Marks & Spencer side of the multi-storey on Great Oaks - was also being used by addicts.

The council carried out a clean of the car park where they found a shocking 80 discarded syringes lying on the ground, as well as burnt foil and spoons, which is commonly used by junkies to burn down rocks of heroin and crack cocaine.

Lesley Slater, Basildon Council’s area housing services manager, said the authority will now clean the Brooke House car park every fortnight.