A SCHOOL governor says the troubleshooting headteacher of the Basildon Academies quit because of a row over a new maths and English curriculum.

Keith Bobbin, who has been a governor at the school for more than 20 years, said he believed Dr Rory Fox was not keen to take forward the governors plans for the school.

The academies, which opened in 2009 with a £50million revamp, was plunged into special measures in March this year and has particularly struggled with maths and English results.

As an academy the school is responsible for setting its own curriculum and Dr Fox has brought in a host of top teachers to help turn round the fortunes of the school.

One of these was the appointment of Cambridge University graduate Ginny Parry who was appointed as the new director of sixth form in September.
Mr Bobbin, who is also Labour ward councillor for Pitsea North West, said: “It is very sad to see that Dr Fox will be leaving the school, especially seeing now that the school is finally on the up.

“It has come through a very hard time and its now up to the vice principals to make sure the transition is smooth. The children need continuity and it cannot be good for them to see two headteachers go in as many years.
“I believe Dr Fox has left because he didn’t want to take forward the governors plans for the new maths and English curriculum that they wanted.”

Mr Bobbin said since the school became a sponsored academy in 2009 he had had a less hands-on approach as a school governor.

Les Livermore, the chairman of the governors, works full time on the Upper Academy site and has his own office and he is regularly seen walking around seeing what is going on at the school.
Mr Bobbin added: “I hear from Les occasionally and he will tell me what is going on at the school. I would like to be more involved but Les is very good and nothing passes him by.

“It is not good to now see that two headteachers have gone in just two years but there is now a great opportunity for a dynamic headteacher to come forward and take over where Dr Fox has left off.
“It is hard to attract good teachers to Basildon and keep them. I hope the next headteacher who comes to the school will stay so the children can get used to one person.”
Dr Fox, who started in September 2011, will be leaving the school at Easter and has not secured his next appointment.