THE new headteacher of a struggling Laindon academy says his long-term aim is to make the school one of the best in the country.

Jason Carey, has just enjoyed his first week in charge of the James Hornsby School, on Leinster Road, and he says everything is in place to make the school the best in Basildon in the short-term and then focus on widening the school’s appeal.

Mr Carey has left his position as deputy head at the Deanes School, in Benfleet, and has replaced Stuart Reynolds. The school works in partnership with King John School in Thundersley.

Since taking over, Mr Carey has introduced individual work schedules for students who are underperforming, with weekly meetings held with teachers to discuss progress. He has also put a large emphasis on the quality of the lessons - saying he wants every lesson to be ‘outstanding’.

“My priority is to make everything the best it can be for our students. The lessons must be exceptional and we have an excellent foundation that has been left to build on. We can improve as a group if we focus on individuals but I must emphasise this is a community and we will all raise the school up. The students are smiling and are more confident than they have been in a long while. It is a great project to be leading but it can only work with the students and staff working as a team.

“I see our relationship with the King John School as a crucial aspect to our growth. They have helped us with the teachers they have provided but they have also benefitted from our facilities. I see them as a long-term partner and am very pleased with the diretion we are going in.”

The school has undergone a recent transformation. It has introduced a new school uniform, a new and was recently renamed - previously called The James Hornsby High School.

James Hornsby saw GCSE results drop from 36 per cent in 2011 to 26 per cent last year and Mr Carey says this is something that has to improve. “The results are too low for a school of this standard. I am confident the results will improve if we focus on certain areas and individuals.”