RESIDENTS claim their lives have been made a “living hell” by builders and contractors parking across driveways and paths in their road.

Building firm Apollo opened a cabin office in Moss Close, Vange, in June last year and although it is not carrying out work on the estate, its workers have been parking in the road.

The firm, which has been carrying out repairs on housing all over Basildon, has a contract with Basildon Council which will end on May 17.

Electrician Mike Davies, 44, said he was even forced to call the police last week when he found a worker’s car parked across his driveway. Mr Davies, who has lived in the road for 20 years, said: “Since the firm turned up just under a year ago our lives in the road have been made a living hell.

“We were told they could park in our road because there are no restrictions. However, we had a letter from Basildon Council and Apollo saying staff were prohibited from doing this. The problems were really bad, and although they have eased up recently, I was forced this week to call the police because I couldn’t get out of my driveway.

“We have had letters saying the cabin was going to be moved, but we have had an updated letter saying they couldn’t find anywhere else and would be staying.”

Barry Herman, Basildon Council’s programme works manager, said: “The council’s contract with Apollo is coming to an end, with work scheduled for completion by May 17.

“Following completion of the work, which we understand may have caused some inconvenience to residents, Apollo’s compound will be removed from Moss Close and the area made good.”

Mike Brogan, Apollo’s divisional director, added: “We’d like to thank all the residents of Moss Close for their patience and understanding over the past months while we have been based on site, and to apologise for any inconvenience caused while we’ve been working in the area on behalf of Basildon Council.”