l My bad habits: Moaning at the ref. I tell myself I won’t but I always do.

l My superstitions: I tie up my boots on the pitch before kick-off.

l Closest ally: Maybe Tommy Stephen. I can’t wait for him to be back on the pitch.

l Best trainer: Adam Topley. Although lately he has dipped - spending too much time on the bench with me.

l Worst trainer: Rob Girdlestone. I think he tackled himself last week.

l Worst gear: We don’t have any nights out to see people’s clobber, but from training it would be Dion (Sembie-Ferris) and his long johns.

l Who would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?: Lyle (Della-Verde). He is always moaning or Audrius (Laucys) - he might kill me if we were in there too long.

l Most controversial: Jordan (Chiedozie). Always arguing with someone.

l Worst barnet: Steve Cawley trying to be a teenager with his spikes. Or me as I don’t have any!

l Dressing room DJ: Miki Hood has a dabble but I want to hear Steve King’s 80s tunes. We need some good music to celebrate the arrival of Tony and Megan’s second child! Congratulations guys!

l Longest in front of the mirror: James White. Before, at half-time and after games. Zoolander.

l Longest in the shower: No-one stands out. Steve King always takes too long.