l Bad habits: Giving the ball away too much, mistiming tackles and arguing with the referee.

l Superstitions: I have a few things I do but I’ve never told anyone.

l Closest ally: The team is very close and generally we all get on. Us older boys always like to beat the youngsters in training though!

l Best trainer: Harley (Kee) or Peths (Scott Pethers). They hate it when people mess up in training.

l Worst trainer: The worst trainer has to buy sweets for game days, and Ringo (Jason Ring) buys a lot. And Scouse (Steven Butterworth) is never there!

l Worst gear: Without a shadow of a doubt Jason Ring. He is old before his time. From hats to flip flops, it’s all woeful.

l Worst haircut: We’ve got some bad barnets in the side...too many to choose from!

l Worst person to get stuck in a lift with: (Director of Football) Dave Patient. I’ve heard all his stories over the last eight years. But he will tell me every single one again.

l Most controversial: Scouse is the most outspoken.

l Dressing room DJ: We’ve had to change it up as the older lads couldn’t deal with the youngsters music. Bealey (Nicki Beale) hates it, so it’s been passed to Harley.

l Longest in front of mirror: Peths or Elliott (Warren) l Longest in the shower: It was Mike Ogboin - he literally could have spent hours in there.