BILLERICAY Town manager Glenn Tamplin has fined Jamie O’Hara two weeks wages and says he will be sacked for similar indiscretions after he was involved in an altercation with a fan following Saturday’s 3-2 defeat at Leatherhead.

A video filmed as the players were walking off the pitch shows O’Hara, who was captaining Billericay, grab a home supporter, who is believed to have offered his hand before withdrawing it.

O’Hara is pulled away from the young fan by Tamplin and several of his team-mates in the 11-second clip.

And Tamplin has today said O’Hara will be docked two weeks wages, while admitting any similar actions in the future will result in his sacking.

He also condemned Leatherhead for a lack of protection afforded to his players – admitting it felt as though his team were being “thrown to the lions”, while labelling O’Hara’s actions ones of ‘self defence’.

“Billericay Town is a family club and what Jamie did is not acceptable,” said Tamplin. “The club doesn’t condone any reaction to provocation, be it on or off the field.

“Therefore we have deducted Jamie two weeks wages and made it very clear to him that any future incidents of a similar nature will lead to him being released from the club.

“But I will also be reporting Leatherhead to the league. There were no stewards and we were getting severe abuse, the worst I have ever got in my entire life. It was disgusting.

“Jamie, Paul Konchesky and I were walking to the tunnel and it felt like we were pieces of meat thrown to the lions.

“You almost knew something was going to happen, and I have got a big lump on the back of my head this morning from when someone hit me.

“When we walked out of the dressing room at the end, there were 20 fans outside stopping us going to our cars.

“But I don’t condone what Jamie did, of course.

“Having spoken to Jamie and witnessed the sorrow and regret he has in relation to the incident we believe it was an over-exuberant action of self-defence and deem the decision we have made to be a suitable punishment.”

It is not yet known whether O’Hara will feature against Canvey Island tomorrow afternoon.

Video credit: Will Isaacs