Saturday’s 4-3 win against Hendon was special in many ways.

After 20 minutes, we realised we had got caught out with our system and we had to make changes. We were 2-1 down so we went to plan B. Once we did that, the game changed.

In training we have worked on three systems, so we can change things when we need to. The players can play each system comfortably and, following the change, there was only one side going to win.

But the players had to adapt quickly on the pitch and they did that, scoring three goals in 25 minutes and they really showed their quality.

But the biggest thing for me was the fact we had 2,000 fans there on Non-League Day and that was brilliant. I saw more families and children at a non-league game than I have ever seen before. We still had 400 people in the bar at 7pm! It felt like a community rather than a football club.

It was one of the best days I have had since taking over. Moments like this make all of it worthwhile.

I have missed the last two FA Cup replays, but last Tuesday’s win against Hungerford was unavoidable. We had meetings at (my company) AGP Steel as we are moving our base of operations from Romford to Brentwood. You have to move the equipment at night as we are using it in the day. It is a big move and there is no Billericay if there is no AGP Steel.

But this weekend (against Brackley Town in the FA Cup) is massive and it is the biggest game since I have been involved.

The clubs record is round one in 2007 but I am not content with that. I am not here to equal records, I am here to beat them.

It is huge for me and the people. And I don’t want a big draw if we get through, I want to play a team that we can have a go against. So get behind the team! Your support on the day could make all the difference.