AS FAR as securing a top job after graduation goes, account-ancy is a great choice. How-ever, when it comes to securing a position at the best firms, ap-plicants need more than just a good degree to stand out.

If it important to have a di-verse CV. Employers love noth-ing better than reading about a passion or hobby that’s a bit different. Even if your in-terests are not particularly quirky, having success in a non-academic arenas such as sport is an asset.

This shows potential employers you have more than one string to your bow. Work experience is also where you can set yourself apart from the pack.

IT skills are a must. Most firms use their own custom-ised software, which new-starts will need to master on a regular basis. Show the breadth of your IT knowl-edge and how you’ve swiftly adapted to new systems to gain Brownie points.

Be a team player. The ability to get on with people is vital to forging a successful career as an accountant. Often you’ll be required to present informa-tion to, so being able to com-municate complex stats with-out flummoxing everyone else in the room is a skill in itself.

Finally, you must be profes-sional. While accountancy stu-dents follow a tough schedule, it’s still a big leap from student life to full-time professional.

This means appropriate dress and language at work. Graduates who conduct them-selves in the most business-like way will be the ones catching the eyes of the top recruiters.