The UK’s heaviest pumpkin grown indoors has weighed in at 174 stone, marking an official new record in time for Halloween. 

Twins Ian and Stuart Paton, 57, broke their existing 162-stone record with their monster vegetable at the Jubilee Sailing Trust Pumpkin Festival in Netley in Southampton. 

Ian commented: "The first pumpkin we grew was 54lb. Now we watch them grow at 60lb a day." 

Of course, carving pumpkins into scary, candle-lit skulls is not the only tradition connected to Halloween, with everything from trick or treating to bobbing for apples on the go.   

But if you think this Wednesday’s antics are all child’s play, be warned: there are some professions that require nerves of steel all year round. 

Let’s take a look at the very best of these roles… and have a go if you’re brave enough. 

Being surrounded by books might not sound scary but it takes a certain type to enjoy the often eerie silence of the librarian’s life.  

You could also be working with some historic, legend-laden texts. 
Starting as a library assistant could lead to professional qualifications and this is a good way to see if this life is for you.  

If it’s a true calling, a degree in most subjects is a gateway to a postgrad in librarianship or information management. 
The work could take you into a local authority library, education or a private firm. This role requires organisation and the desire to keep up to date with new technology.  

Security guard 
Face it, in spooky films it’s always the security guard with the failing torch we all fear for. They hold a lot of responsibility, wherever they work. 
Many people come to this job after a career in the police or the armed forces, but as long as you are confident and vigilant, this could be the role for you. 
In-house security workers won’t need the Security Industry Authority licence but agency and contract workers will, while background checks for criminal convictions are mandatory. 
The ability to take and give clear instructions is essential. Vigilance is crucial and operating equipment such as CCTV and security systems will be necessary. 
Cemetery worker 

This wouldn’t be the first choice for many jobseekers but this role is crucial to making a difficult time for families a little easier.  

There are no formal qualifications required but local councils often offer apprenticeships. Having a driving licence and being able to operate a mini-digger will help.  

As well as preparing graves, a kind manner and empathy will be required when encountering those attending funerals and visiting graves. 
It can be physically demanding – often working in all weather conditions – but there is the potential to progress to a supervisory role or into a management position. 

Hospitality worker 

Britain has more than its fair share of hauntings in hotels, converted castles and country estates. If you’re a night manager, receptionist or porter in one of these establishments, you’ll need to have an unflappable nature so that your guests can enjoy an uninterrupted stay. 

When there are strange noises in the night, your people skills will be instrumental in soothing jangled nerves. 

Prison officer 

It takes nerve to enter the prison service, dealing with some colourful characters and patrolling the cell blocks at night.  

Although there are no specific qualifications, there are a series of online tests at the website to complete before being considered for an assessment day and then moving on to training. 
Physical fitness is also important, as is the ability to make decisions calmly and quickly. It can be a pressurised environment so communication is key to making the prison a safe place for all concerned. 
Career progression could take you as far as governor or into security management. 

You can discover all manner of frightfully satisfying roles online now.