January is traditionally the month for enjoying a fresh start. Whether it’s a new year’s resolution to justify your gym membership or resist blueberry muffins, this is a time to focus on self-improvement. 

This means it’s also the perfect time to take more than a moment on the morning commute to think about that part of life taking up almost half of every day: yes, your job. 

From the new-start in sales to the Managing Director, there will always be areas where job satisfaction can be increased. 

It may even be that you’ve been feeling unhappy for some time? 

In this case it’s time to think about where your career is going in 2019. 

First, evaluating happiness in a current position will normally involve totting up the ‘unders’: are you feeling underpaid by the boss, underappreciated by clients, underwhelmed by tasks or underrated for promotion? 

If any or all these ring bells, it may be time to think about seeking fresh challenges. 

So here are a few pointers to ensure you’re in the finest fettle to begin exploring the top opportunities currently available online. 

Make sure you mean business 

Once upon a time, it was enough to simply know about your area of employment. However, in the age of the internet it’s more important than ever to have as broad a skillset as possible. 

Customer service skills in industries like retail and hospitality are now essential to avoid those one star reviews on TripAdvisor, and Marketing Execs now need to be a dab hand at social media and digital technology as well as traditional media. 

Ensuring you have a broad range of skills will not only help you perform better or even advance in your current workplace, if you choose to stay, but make you a more attractive candidate to new employers. 

Make sure you know business 

A potential new employer needs to be convinced why they should choose you. While your expertise and experience may be on a par with other candidates, showcasing your business know-how will give you an edge. 

You should know what the challenges of the role would be and be able to explain how you can contribute meaningfully to the business. 

 Winning candidates are those who know precisely what kind of markets they will be working in. 

Make the most of a business mentor 

The advantage of having someone who can offer advice or even act as a sounding board in your day-to-day role can never be underestimated. 

Having a mentor is also helpful when considering a career change. 

This doesn’t have to be a formal relationship. Why not have a coffee (blueberry muffin optional) with someone you admire professionally and take some time to talk shop? 


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