With the exam results due next month, many young people will be hoping they get the grades to go on to further education. 

To make sure you can enjoy your time at college or university – it’s not all about the books, after all – you may also be considering a part-time job. And choosing a role from x1jobs can provide the perfect balance of work, study and play. 

According to a survey by Barclays LifeSkills, around half of young people in education currently have a part-time job – the most common reason for this is gaining financial independence and improving a CV. 

The report also found shop work is most popular among young people, followed by manual work and online ventures. 

But if you thought student jobs were low-paid and casual, big-name firms are offering more challenging and more rewarding roles. 

Lidl, Primark and B&M Stores are some of the big hitters who are hiring university for part-time roles. These jobs can help pay costs of around £50,000 for a three-year degree, while the students gain valuable experience. After graduating they may even return to their employer and move into management roles. 

So, what kind of position should you be looking for on x1jobs? Well, the first priority is to choose a role that ensures a positive work-life balance, so your studies never suffer. 

Consider carefully your class and study commitments before signing up to a position that could jeopardise attendance or your ability to do classwork. This offers a clearer picture of which jobs will fit best. 

If you want to enter the world of retail, you’ll find it’s not only fun but flexible. From large department stores to independent boutiques, managers need dedicated sales assistants to help with shoppers – but they also take into account the importance of adequate time for learning. 

Retail is also seasonal so, at its busiest periods such as during the summer break, you can really boost your income. 

The sales assistant is a classic entry-level retail job for students and has a variety of duties, such as stocking shelves, handling purchases and helping customers find products. Because you’ll be working with the public, you can quickly learn customer service skills that will be valuable when you go for other jobs in the future. 

Hospitality and catering are also popular because of their flexible work hours. 

And remember bartending isn’t just about pouring pints, being a kitchen assistant is much more than washing dishes and serving meals is not just about taking orders and carrying dishes – go for a catering or hospitality role on x1jobs and you’ll be joining a sector that builds your knowledge, boosts your confidence and improves your communication skills. 

The hours can be long, but they can also be adaptable to your own study timetable.  

There are plenty of opportunities to work nights and weekends but be sure not to overdo it. You need sufficient sleep to have a productive day on the books. 

The world of admin is another sector that not only offers attractive financial benefits but also helps develop skills, such as bookkeeping and communication. 

It’s also a great environment for building your confidence in the workplace –important when you embark on your full-time career.  

Flexitime allows admin workers the freedom to start and finish work between a range of agreed times – so long as you meet your contractual obligations. Getting into the office an hour earlier can free up time in the afternoon to attend an extra lecture. 

Today’s modern call and contact centres are open around the clock, which means opportunities to work shifts around learning commitments. 

Companies are also using flexible solutions that help them deal with fluctuating call levels, which makes it easier for students working as part-time sales and service advisers to take time out for lectures and studies. 

Why not match your job to your studies? If your course involves history, languages or architecture, for example, the role of tour guide is spot on. 

Showing visitors around a city or landmark building you’ll need to know your local history, architecture and even converse in a foreign language. This is about indulging your love of learning while being paid for the pleasure.  

No matter which role you choose, balancing education and work requires dedication and drive . . . but it’s worth it and it certainly gets easier once that first fat paycheck drops into your bank account. 

Working part-time throughout your studies also equips you with transferrable skills employers will be looking for at the end of your studies. 

So why wait until the exam results are announced? Get ahead of the competition and get the result you want by seeking out the best roles on x1jobs today.