PASSENGERS are being given their first glimpse at a new fleet of trains which will be in use on the c2c line later this year.

The 24 new carriages, which are currently being built in Derby, are the latest version of c2c's existing fleet.

The new trains will include:

  • 225 seats in each 4-carriage train. That means combined the new carriages will provide 13,500 extra seats at peak times every week
  • Wider seats, which are around 10% wider than the seats on current c2c trains
  • Each seat also comes with arm rests and personal reading lights
  • There are two toilets and two dedicated wheelchair areas on board each 4-carriage train - double the current provision on existing c2c trains
  • Each carriage is fully air-conditioned and also has a number of plug sockets. There are also improved luggage areas compared to our current trains
  • Each 4-car unit is inter-connected, so passengers can walk through all the carriages if there are no free seats in their section.

Basildon Standard:

The new trains, which are called Class 387 Electrostars and are built by Bombardier, are scheduled to all be in service on c2c by the end of the year.

Basildon Standard: