A mother of two from Southend has been missing from her adopted home in southern Spain for more than a week.

Rebecca Muldoon, 35, who is originally from the seaside town, went missing from her home in Marbella on Tuesday January 2, after it is thought she’d reported her partner for domestic violence.

She was set to appear in court in Spain the next day following a summons about the complaint.

Ms Muldoon had been living in the resort with her two daughters, aged eight and 11.

According to those close to her, Ms Muldoon took no personal possessions or her passport when she disappeared from her home.

Her friend, Stephanie Faye Dalrymple launched an appeal, which was shared by the Mail Online.

The appeal from Stephanie, said: “Rebecca has been missing for a week. She has no money, passport or clothes and her phone is dead.

“She has two children and I desperately need to know if anyone has seen her.

“If you live in Marbella please share this.

“Her family are so worried and any info at all would be gratefully received.”

Reports coming out of Spain said that police were alerted by Ms Muldoon’s neighbours who had found her two daughters alone at the address in southern Spain.

Ms Muldoon’s friend, Stephanie told the Spanish publication, The Olive Press that they had tried to contact her quickly after she had gone missing, but she said that Ms Muldoon’s phone was dead.

It is believed the person who reported Ms Muldoon missing was left to care for the children.

However, they grew more and more concerned when the girls’ mother did not return.

The family as well as Ms Muldoon’s friends and neighbours are currently trying to trace her steps before she vanished.

Spanish police have confirmed they have officially launched an investigation into the disappearance of Ms Muldoon.

Her daughters have since returned to the UK where they are being cared for by their aunt.

Meanwhile, the search for Ms Muldoon goes on.