SouthendNHS campaigners say there is virtually no information on an overhaul of local healthcare services available in GP surgeries.

The Mid and South Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) is set to revolutionise local healthcare but campaigners say only two of 14 Southend surgeries they visited had any information on the changes available for patients.

The STP plans to have a range of health professionals working alongside GPs to deliver a holistic approach to health care and help keep people out of hospital.

It also says it aims to educate people to stay healthier to avoid GP visits.

Outlining the plans at a consultation meeting last week, Margaret Hathaway, interim accountable officer for Southend Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “It’s not just the hospital that’s under pressure, it’s GPs and community service.

“The STP plans are not just about hospital services, it’s about the whole system working together to deliver better services for our population. That is not just the hospital but out of hospital services, social care, GP and community services all working together with the hospital to give a good system of health and care.

“That starts with staying healthy and helping people to stay healthy and then building up more services at home in the community keeping you fit and healthy.

“Our CCG is working really closely with our partners, using digital and technology advances, working with GPs and the borough council, working on social care to actually help people health and manage their conditions and not get into crisis.”

However, campaigners say this message is not getting across to patients in GP surgeries across Southend.

Katie Sheehan from the Save Southend NHS campaign group said: “We have so far visited 14 GP surgeries and only two of those had any STP information displayed since members of our team visited over the past two weeks.

“Many of the people we spoke to, receptionists and staff, were completely clueless. We wanted to go around and see what information was out there.

“The information should be widely available, on notice boards. The consultation document should be on display and there should be leaflet stands but there is nothing.”

Ms Sheehan added: “We need this to be fully advertised and widely available.

“The GP aspect is key to the proposals and if people were looking for information they would expect to find it in their GP practices.”

A spokeswoman from Southend CCG said leaflets were sent to GP surgeries last month.