Calls have been made to spend more money on making Canvey’s roads safer after almost £50,000 is set to be spent to reduce crashes at an accident blackspot.

Essex Highways found that there were 15 crashes at the part of Waterside Farm Roundabout which connects Canvey Way and Somnes Avenue between January 1, 2014 and June 6, 2017.

The Highways survey showed that three of the 15 crashes were serious. In the crashes, 17 people were slightly hurt and three people suffered serious injuries.

To reduce the amount of collisions, plans are in place to apply a non-skidding surface to the road at this part of the junction, as well as improvements to the roundabout chevrons.

Keep left signing will also be introduced. The works are due to cost £49,000 and Essex Highways expect that the works will reduce the amount of crashes at the site by almost half.

Veteran Canvey councillor Ray Howard, former deputy county council cabinet member for highways, said he welcomes the planned works. He said: “I am not surprised that Essex Highways are looking at this junction. It is a very busy junction as everybody who comes on and off of the island has to use this junction. I think it could be one of the busiest junctions in south Essex.

“I hope that these plans do go ahead. Some of the signage has been knocked down so it does need to be replaced.”

Grace Watson, Canvey Island Independent Party councillor for Canvey Island North, also welcomed the works but said more needs to be done.

She said: “There is so much that needs doing to the roads on Canvey to improve the roads and safety on the roads.

“Anything that is going to make our roads safer I think is a good thing but I do think Essex Highways should be looking at the whole of the roads on the island when looking to improve the safety of the roads on Canvey, such as potholes and other road safety issues.”

An Essex County Council spokesman said: “We believe, with the councillors, that this will be a positive improvement although we are well aware there are longer-term issues with increasing traffic in the area. We can’t fix every pothole immediately, rather we use our limited resources on the highest risk defects first.”