Major improvement works to the London-bound carriageway of a busy junction is set to start today, prompting fears of travel chaos.

The A127 at Kent Elms will be majorly revamped as an extra lane is set to be installed in a bid to improve traffic flow.

Back in 2016 preliminary work was carried out at the Kent Elms in preparation for the new lane.

Southend Council’s contractor, Eurovia, will start the construction of the new carriageway today with the hope of it being completed by the summer.

The additional lane merger will create extra room at the junction allowing more vehicles to pass through at each light sequence.

It will also improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians.

However, some residents fear the works will cause traffic chaos. Katie Fynes, 28, of Victoria Road, Southend, said she uses the junction every day and described the previous roadworks as an ‘absolute nightmare’.

“I had to make sure I allowed at least an extra half hour to get to work and even then I was still late sometimes,” she said.

“The new short merge lane they’ve added on the Southend-bound after the lights has caused complete chaos as people don’t know how to merge properly.

“Inconsiderate drivers just try and muscle their way in.

“I have seen so many near misses since that change has been made and it just seems to slow traffic down.

“I don’t see how they can think one on the London-bound side is going to be any better when the merge lane they’ve already created is terrible.”

Originally the revamp was meant to be complete by Spring 2017, but severe delays caused by Grid Gas diverting underground gas pipes saw the programme pushed back.

As works starts today several measures have been put into place in a bid to reduce the disruption to vehicles.

Lane closures will be put in to place on the London-bound carriageway during the off-peak period between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

However, access to properties and businesses will be available at all times. Foundations for the new footbridge will also be ongoing. The bridge will be built offsite during night closure by contractors Nunsteel.

Details of the road closures will be revealed nearer the time.