A high street retailer will be moving its operations to another store, leaving another unit empty.

The Argos in the Victoria Shopping Centre on the Southend high street is relocating into Sainsbury’s.

A Sainsbury spokesperson said the move will happen in July.

This is the latest unit that will be left empty in the town centre and concerns are that it is becoming run down.

Dennis Baldry, centre manager, said: "Regarding the Argos store, it is sad that the store will be closing although this is not unexpected as it had been part of Sainsbury’s intention to rationalise the Argos property portfolio nationally when they bought the business some time ago.

"While the store in the Victoria will apparently close its doors they will remain a tenant until their lease expires.

"Our landlords and letting agents have been speaking to various retailers about the space and have been reviewing plans for the centre to take this into account.

"Regarding the high street in general, I hold the view that retail is evolving and high streets across the UK are evolving to meet this, however evolution isn’t an overnight process and so it will take a period of time. Southend is, I believe, in a better place to embrace this than other towns may be as we are blessed with a seafront location and have a fantastic leisure offer for the millions of visitors who come to the Victoria and Southend each year.

"We are also fortunate to have a BID and a very good working relationships with the local statutory bodies that will help everyone to deliver a vibrant and successful Southend."

Councillor Julian Ware-Lane said: “It is interesting. Obviously, more retail commercial units filled up would be better. I don’t want to see any empty units and I hope it would be quickly filled.

“It’s about what’s good for the high street really. I’m not opposed to the idea but I hope someone will come in to replace that unit.

“If it breathes more life into the high street, it’ll be better for it. Because it is struggling, there’s no two ways about it.”

Councillor Ian Gilbert said: “I think that’s worrying. Losing any major retailer on the high street is a concern.

“It’s a shame because a lot of investment has been put into the Victoria to keep the place alive.

“It’s all our responsibility to help the high street. The council needs to set up the opportunities, but it’s up to traders and people themselves to manage the space.

“Regularly, the high rent is pricing out independent stores which is a problem.

“I hope that the people that own the units aren’t pricing people out.

“Many high streets are struggling, but there is the possibility for more people to come into the town. With the new houses and the growth of the university nearby, hopefully we can buck the trend.”

This is part of Sainsbury’s national restructure to have Argos stores embedded in their shops as a store in store.

Sainsbury’s bought Argos in 2015 in a takeover bid to become a "multi-product, multi-channel" retailer.

According to the BBC, as many as 200 of Argos's 845 stores are expected to close over the coming years as leases expire, with some relocated into Sainsbury's supermarkets.