A FRUSTRATED resident attempted to turn potholes into plant pots by growing flowers in them.

Neighbours were surprised to find potholes filled with soil and various shrubs and plants in their place, while others spotted people filling them.

Four different holes were given specialist care including in Church Road, Benfleet.

Natasha Martin, of Church Road, said: “I witnessed people get out their car with a bag of mud and a tree and fill up the pot hole and plant a tree in the middle of the road.

“Maybe the council will do something if trees are popping up all in their road.”

Another mum-of-two said: “I think it is quite funny to be honest. I have never seen or known of anything like this ever.

“Why not do this, it helps to brighten up the road and the potholes are always looking so bad, this helps make the holes in the road look nice and colourful. I think it makes a change.

“I am not sure why people would want to do this.”

However Essex County Council was not amused.

Ian Grundy, cabinet member for highways, said: “We encourage people to report potholes to us, rather than risking their safety on the road.”

The Government recently awarded Essex another £2.6 million to add to the £3 million in revenue funding we have already pledged to invest in pothole repairs from last month.

“We already have 30 crews working on both urgent ‘make safe’ fixes and the longer-term and bigger jobs of permanent repairs across the county.

“Of course it will take some time to work through the damage caused by the snowy weather recently, so we are asking road users to be patient

“Rest assured we are getting on with the job and getting to grips with the problem in Benfleet and across the county.

“A huge part of the fight against potholes is the council’s £50 million capital investment this year to resurface whole roads or long sections. Resurfacing gets rid of existing potholes and prevents potholes forming for years.