Tributes have been paid to a young man murdered in a street attack.

Fabian Kacica, 19, was out with friends in Southend on Monday when he was stabbed, including at least once in his chest.

Despite the best efforts of paramedics, Fabian died at hospital later that night.

The community has been left reeling after the attack, which is the latest and most serious knife crime following a perceived increase in violence across the borough recently.

Family and friends have shared tributes to the former Cecil Jones student and part time supermarket worker who celebrated his 19th birthday earlier this month.

His sister Laurita paid tribute on Facebook.

She said: “Rest in peace my only one brother.

“I can’t believe he is gone - my little brother.”

Speaking with the Echo, his cousin Zainab Shahid said: “We’re in absolute shock and devastation.

“Fabian was a great person and always did what was best for everyone.

“He was a kind and young-hearted guy and will truly be missed.

“He was known to be a joker and loving cousin, who always offered to help and be there no matter what.

“He may be gone but he will always be in our hearts and be loved.”

Another cousin, Niko Gabor, added: “He was the most non-violent person you would know - always kind and nice to people.

“He never used to get involved in any violence.

“Fabian did not deserve this and I hope that the person who did this rots in jail.”

Another relative wrote on Facebook: “Rest in peace cousin. I don’t know what to say.

“Another life taken too soon. I still can’t believe it. Fly high, see you soon bro.

“To all my family - we have to keep strong.”

Southend councillor Martin Terry said the severity of the attack means action needs to be taken to increase policing in the borough now.

He added: “The government has blood on their hands because it was Theresa May, in her role as Home Secretary, who made such horrendous cuts to policing and Essex lost 900 - it is damaging people’s lives.

“The fact people are marching in the streets is emblematic of the fact we need more officers sooner rather than later.”

Anti-knife crime campaigner Alan Heywood has launched an appeal to try and discourage young people from carrying knives.

The campaign is called Drop the Knife and Value Life and you can find out more information here.

The 28-year-old, of Princes Street, Southend, said: “Knife crime in Southend is escalating to the point of costing people their lives. I want to raise awareness and help put an end to the growing gang nature and knife crime in the area. This campaign will help with the reporting of incidents.”