A NEW initiative has been set up to tackle anti-social behaviour on Canvey by the community policing team.

On Friday businesses, councillors, residents and officers from Castle Point and Rochford Community Policing Team held their first meeting to share ideas to help reduce anti-social behaviour in the Furtherwick Road area following concerns raised by residents.

The group will meet every six weeks to address any anti-social behaviour issues, as well as environmental concerns.

Officers will work with local partners by enforcing dispersal orders and implementing patrols, where necessary.

At the first meeting, the partners identified issues and have taken steps to install bollards in the car park behind Furtherwick Road to restrict large groups congregating.

Police officers have supported this new initiative by visiting local schools to speak to teenagers about hate crime, anti-social behaviour and gangs.

Sgt McQuade from Castle Point and Rochford Community Policing Team said: “Starting this initiative is just one part of a wider plan to help reduce anti-social behaviour that has been reported.

“This opportunity will allow us to hear residents’ concerns about the area and take steps when needed.

“It’s good to have support from councillors and local businesses.”

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