DOZENS of students were congratulated for their hard work and determination.

Proud parents watched as students at Seevic College - now known as USP College’s Seevic campus - were given awards for their dedication and outstanding achievements.

Principal Dan Pearson presented the winners with their awards.

He said: “You’re here because your teachers have noticed in you genius, talent or high self-esteem.

“Don’t ever listen to negative people that tell you you can’t do something.

“Let this award boost your self-esteem.

“And remember, you have been recognised out of thousands of others to receive your award and you can do it again.”

The student of the year award, sponsored by Ryan’s Heating Limited in Hockley, was presented to Sharna Roberston-Bourke, who, despite missing six weeks of college for medical reasons, still submitted all her work on time.

She said: “I did not expect to win the student of the year award at all.

“But I’m really happy and grateful I won.”