A MOTHER who was brutally beaten by her ex-partner has spoken out after he has been jailed for assault.

Angela Worthy, 36, was left needing hospital treatment and was diagnosed with concussion and a ruptured blood vessel in her head after her ex partner Scott Baxter attacked her during an argument.

The former couple, who were together for four years until January, had met up to discuss the custody of their two-year-old son.

The mother-of-five said: "On January 18, we had arranged to meet at Nisa in south Benfleet at six and he said he was running late.

"He pulled up at about 6.15pm so I got in his car and he started driving towards the train station. I asked where we were going and I got told he had some business to do that was nothing to do with me.

"It was obvious he was in a bad mood."

They began to argue about potential legal proceedings over who would look after their child when Baxter pulled up at Sainsbury's and demanded Angela get out of the car.

"He told me to get out but I said I thought we needed to talk about Vinnie. He said he was wiping his hands of him and then just started assaulting me.

"He was smashing a can of Stella into my face and the back of my head. I was bleeding really badly. I tried several times to get out of the car but he kept pulling me back and punching me.

"I don't know how but I managed to get out of the car and started running towards my house but he drove after me and was shouting threats out the window.

"I ran into my local Co-Op and the woman in there helped me and drove me home because it wasn't safe to walk."

Angela was taken to hospital after the incident where she was treated for concussion.

She said: "He also burst a blood vessel in my head and caused a lot of bruising to my face. They thought my nose was broken but it was just severely swollen. They allowed me to go home on the condition that I would stay with my mum who could monitor my concussion."

Scott, of Abbots Drive, Stanford-le-Hope, was arrested and charged with assault as well as sending threatening messages after he made several phone calls to Angela threatening her son and other family members in April.

At Southend Magistrates last week, the 32-year-old he was found guilty of assault and sentenced to three months in prison.

He was also sentenced to six weeks concurrently for sending threatening messages, which he admitted.

He was also made subject of a two-year restraining order and ordered to pay Angela £250 compensation as well as costs.

Angela added: "We have lived in fear of what he would do. It was a huge relief that he is now behind bars and they've already put a restraining order in place for when he's out so that is a weight that is lifted.

"He can't come near us or hurt us anymore as a family. We have had to suffer for six months."

For information on how to report domestic abuse, visit https://www.essex.police.uk/advice/domestic-abuse/