Residents living in sheltered accommodation feel as though they are trapped in their own homes after concerns about motorbikes and scooters being ridden dangerously around a nearby park.

Willalla House, Poplar Road, which is owned by Castle Point Council, overlooks the popular King George V Playing Fields, which, according to residents, has become the site of an increasing number of scooters and motorbikes racing around the perimeter.

Christine Booth, 71, who has lived at Willalla House for a little over a year, has spoken out about the problem, which she says has left residents feeling trapped in their homes for their own safety.

She said: “We have put up with the noise for a while, but recently it has become ridiculous.

“They drive all over the footpaths to the point it feels dangerous to go out for an evening walk or enjoy the park.

“It has been so hot recently, but residents are having to sleep with their windows shut to block out the noise.

“We have contacted our councillors but nothing seems to be happening.

“I’m worried what will happen once the schools and colleges break up for their summer holidays.

“It’s not only a nuisance for us, but really dangerous for people who use the park, especially for children who play over there in the evenings.

“Much more needs to be done to put a stop to this before it is too late and somebody is seriously injured.”

Mrs Booth also reported elderly residents, some of which are in their eighties and suffering with dementia, becoming extremely frightened and agitated by the constant noise echoing from the park their homes overlook.

Motorbikes and scooters have reportedly been an issue in the park for at least a year, however as weeks of warm weather and light evenings have gone on, the number of vehicles visiting the park on a daily basis has increased from one or two to around six most nights.

The disruptive and dangerous drivers are affecting not only the park users, but are also creating hazards for drivers and pedestrians on the roads around the park.

A spokesperson from Castle Point Council said: “Local councillors have already referred this matter to the appropriate council departments, who are looking at whether barriers could be installed to deter the bikers.”

The dangerous use of vehicles such as motorbikes, scooters, and scrambler bikes on the island has been an ongoing problem for many years.

The Echo has previously reported that on Sunday afternoon, a toddler was spotted riding on the fuel tank of a scrambler bike near Cornelius Vermuyden school by PC Ian Risden, raising fears about the reckless use of the vehicles.

There have also been ongoing issues with people riding motorbikes dangerously on the town’s sea wall.

Police are now targeting the area to prevent the riders from speeding along the narrow wall and potentially risking their own and other people’s lives.

There have also been a number of reports of nuisance motorcyclists driving in an anti-social manner on various residential roads and Essex Police is now carrying out regular patrols to catch them.

Anyone with information about those riding illegally should call Essex Police on 101 or contact charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or you can visit