COUNCILS across Essex are working together to fund projects to keep schoolchildren safe from cars.

The North Essex Parking Partnership is just one of the organisations across the county allocating £50,000 to fund the 3PR initiative.

The programme, which stands for 3 Parking Rules, will offer materials and incentives for schools, parents and residents to help prevent road rage outside the school gates.

The three rules are simple - care, consideration and caution.

Lyn Barton (Lib Dem), Shrub End councillor in Colchester, explained what the money would go towards.

She said: "We are encouraging all schools to come on board.

"Hi-vis jackets will be provided to schools, plus leaflets and signage, and there will be initiatives for children who walk or cycle to school.

"It's about getting the children involved as they are the drivers of the future.

"It looks quite exciting, parking outside schools causes more arguments than anything else and I'm pleased there is finally some investment."

She said the main schools to focus on in her area were Montgomery Infant School, St Michael's Primary School and Iceni Academy.

The North Essex Parking Partnership sent a letter about the 3PR programme to councillors, and a new website has been set up.

Other partners involved include Rochford Council, Maldon Council, Essex County Council, Basildon Council, Castle Point Council, the South Essex Parking Partnership and The Safer Essex Roads Partnership.

Schools can apply to become '3PR Zones' and will receive all the materials needed.

The 3PR website says: "Our goal is to give the resources to help prevent inconsiderate, illegal and dangerous parking in the vicinity of schools.

"We are all aware of this problem. Left unchecked, it can cause long-term bad feeling between those who live and work close to the school.

"More importantly, it can increase the risk of accidents.

"3PR will not prevent every incidence of bad or inconsiderate parking but it is hoped by identifying and providing the resources to tackle the problem it will, in part, help to improve the current situation."

To find out more or to register your school visit