A DRIVER wrote off three cars and destroyed a wall causing an estimated £50,000 damage after losing control.

The crash has shaken the community in Church Road, Thundersley and left a home owner scared for the second time.

Phillipa Hubbard’s home has been damaged twice during crashes.

She was in her garden and heard a huge bang “like a bomb exploding”.

She said: “The driver crashed into a telegraph pole, my front wall - which is destroyed - and hit my two cars which are both write-offs.

“My cars were pushed into my house, damaging our windows.

“The driver got out and walked away, which is just unbelievable.

“We think the damage will cost about £34,000 including the cars, wall and windows.

“It happened to us before in December last year in the morning when another driver lost control and crashed into our wall and my car.

“To have it happen twice is just devastating, I can’t put it into words. It is also scary to think it could have killed someone.

“I could have been in my car, or getting into it or could have been outside my home.”

It happened on Saturday, September 15 at 8pm. The damage estimate of £50,000 includes the driver’s own car.

Residents claim one of the reasons for regular incidents along the 30mph road is speeding.

Mrs Hubbard has launched a petition calling for safety measures.

Margaret McDermott, 65, of Church Road said: “We need some sort of traffic calming in the road, we are worried about people’s safety.

“It is just dreadful and so dangerous.”

Essex Police confirmed the force attended.

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “It is important concerns such as these are assessed locally. We would ask that all the information and requests are given to the county councillor for the area, so they can take the issue to the highways panel for consideration.” Visit www.change.org for the petition.