THE new headteacher at a struggling school believes allowing children to “indulge their passions” within a modernised curriculum will help turn things around.

Ortu Gable Hall School, in Southend Road, Corringham, was branded requires improvement by Ofsted in May.

Now, national teacher of the year 2006, Ceri Evans has been drafted in as interim boss, while headteacher Clive Stokes is away for personal reasons - the school has not elaborated on this.

Mr Evans has kick-started the term with a number of open evenings and parent engagement events. He also has a plan to modernise the curriculum and better tailor lessons to pupils.

Science teacher by trade, Mr Evans says he is most excited to reinvigorate the choices pupils can make.

He said: “We’re breaking down barriers and improving accessibility - where previously we might have guided children with particular attainment to certain subjects this will not be the case going forward.

“Children who have a passion for a topic should be assisted to indulge their interest. We know that won’t be easy, but I believe that if you support a child who wants to learn, in whatever topic, they will achieve.”

He is clearly very passionate about positive curriculum changes.

He said: “I’ve been very frank with parents during the open evenings and said that currently things aren’t good enough.

“However, we have a plan which we’re sharing with parents addressing what we and what Ofsted have told us, are areas for improvement.

“I’ve been here nearly 20 years, I want to restore this school’s position in the community, but even more important than that, I want to equip our students with the skills necessary to tackle the global job market.”