THREE teens fled a restaurant after racking up a £60 bill in booze and nibbles - and now the hunt is on to identify them.

The owners of O’Picado, in London Road, Westcliff, admitted it is like “having your home broken into” after the boys ran off without settling their bill.

The Portuguese restaurant is hoping that releasing the CCTV will encourage the boys, or their parents, to come forward and settle the debt.

Fatima Rodrigues, who has owned the restaurant for 15 years, said: “They had a £58 bill by the time they left.

“One of them didn’t order anything, but the others were drinking and ordered some nibbles.

“They do look young, probably teenagers.

“Our bar staff asked them for ID so they were other 18 but not by much.

“It is really sad that they felt the need to do this.

“At the end of the day, it is very upsetting.

“This is our business and this is no different to breaking into a home and stealing from a family.

“It was at quite a busy time for us, but we managed to squeeze them on a table and took their orders.

“We treated them like any other customer, and then the people on the table next to them pointed out that they thought they had run off.”

The restaurant, which is ranked within the top 20 of places to eat in Southend according to Trip Advisor, had hoped by posting images and videos of the culprits on social media, the boys would come forward.

However, with no such luck Fatima enlisted the help of the Echo to track them down.

She added: “I don’t know why you would do it.

“Maybe they thought it was funny or clever.

“We put the images on Facebook in the hope they would come in and pay and apologise, or one of their parents would spot it and bring them in.

“But we have had no luck, we don’t want to be to harsh on the boys, but they have not made it easy for themselves.

“Really, all we want is these boys to come forward, accept their mistake, and do what is right.”

The incident happened at roughly 9pm on September 29.

The incident was reported to Essex Police.

Anyone with information should contact the force on 101.

Alternatively, to give any information about the boys’ identity 100 per cent anonymously, call charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.